Women Economic Forum (WEF) Perth, 5 July - 7 July 2019

Women Economic Forum (WEF) Perth, 5 July - 7 July 2019

For the first time, the Women Economic Forum (WEF) is being held in Australia, in Perth from 5th -7th July. The theme is "Empowering Women: Making a Difference". Marie will be speaking on the digital human cardiac coach for women's health, and the 4th Industrial Revolution (although in Marie’s view, what’s coming is the 1st humanitarian revolution).


What is Artificial Intelligence?

“What is Artificial Intelligence?” Listen to Podcast

The “Don’t Stop Us Now” Podcast is developed by Greta Thomas and Claire Hatton. The podcast series highlights stories from innovative and pioneering women around the globe, getting to know the person behind the story – and as Greta and Claire say “you know, the one who has experienced the same kind of doubts, fears and tough times as most of us have.”

In this episode “What is Artificial Intelligence“, Greta and Claire explore all things AI, with the amazing UK-based Kriti Sharma and the Canberra-based Centre for Digital Business, Marie Johnson.


Exponential Tech Tuesday: Digital Humans in Health and Care


The 2019 series of Exponential TechTuesday started January 29th with an exciting theme: Digital Humans in Health and Care. Digital Humans are virtual appearances of ourselves or personal assistants, with the face of a real human. The development of these avatars, that can recognize human emotions of a user, is going extremely fast. So fast, that sometimes they seem indistinguishable from real humans… How can these forms of Artificial Intelligence add value to health and healthcare? Introducing the Digital Human Cardiac Coach.

*   Danny Tomsett (Founder and CEO of FaceMe, a Digital Human company)    

*   Piers Smith (Cognitive architect and project lead of Nadia, one of the first Digital Humans, created for and with people with disabilities)    

*   Marie Johnson (Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer of the Centre for Digital Business and co-creator of Nadia with the National Disabilities Insurance Agency)    

*   Mystery speaker X. Will X be virtual… or digital?

In 2016 the Global Network of Healthcare Innovation Centers (GNHIC) was founded, to help adopt emerging technologies in healthcare. Exponential TechTuesday is one of the programs within the GNHIC, with which we explain these new technological developments and tell about their relevance to our colleagues and partners.

HotTopics…In the Fast Lane…Digital Humans and the First Humanitarian Revolution

HotTopics…In the Fast Lane…Digital Humans and the First Humanitarian Revolution

60 seconds with HotTopics.HT Interviewed by HotTopics at the O’Reilly AI Conference London October 2018 – talking about AI-powered digital human cardiac coach, AI-powered digital human reading coach and the digital human Nadia. The first humanitarian revolution – democraticising access. 

HotTopics-In the Fast Lane-Marie Johnson.jpg

“Putting a Face onto AI: Get Ready for the Digital Human Workforce.”

Marie presented at the O’Reilly AI Conference London October 2018.

Watch the presentation: “Putting a Face onto AI: After Nadia, Get Ready for the Digital Human Workforce.”


Are we seeing the 1st Humanitarian Revolution where “workforce” # “work” + “force”? Where the ethics of opportunity will force a shift away from the one size fits nobody. Marie talks about AI, human rights, ethics, digital human cardiac coach, digital human reading coach, and emerging economic and social ecosystems. Democratised access where the gatekeepers of literacy, power and privilege are removed

Why artificial intelligence is a human right

Why artificial intelligence is a human right.

And how these rights drive breakthroughs in innovation through co-design.

Author Marie Johnson

Published 27 June 2018 on CIO Australia

2018 is a monumental year regarding human rights; it’s the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a remarkable document to be read in conjunction with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This year also marks the Convention’s 10th anniversary.

As the artificial intelligence (AI) era inexorably unfolds across every dimension of our life, the principles enshrined in these two human rights documents can steer this great innovation in a direction that will benefit all humanity.